What I learned today: Take a break

Im starting a new series of short, daily posts over at VentureBent.com, which is a NYC Startup Blog that I have launched with Adam Besvinick, Alex Topiler, Scott Britton, and Kevin Pruett.

As part of my contributions to the blog, I will be posting about what I learn everyday while living and breathing the NYC tech scene.

Lesson #1: Take a break and step away. I recently took a mini vacation to Florida and really disconnected from everything. I still checked twitter and read the occasional blog here and there, but it was really refreshing being away from the startup scene, the meetups, and the hustle for a few days.

We all know it’s important to hustle, market yourself, network like crazy, and attend as many different meetups and events as possible. I have been doing this for the past 6 months straight and I have started to get really burnt out and exhausted. I have met amazing people and learned so many things, yet it was great completely removing myself from the city and the startup world. I have come back more energized and looking forward to the next six months.

Many of us, especially aspiring entrepreneurs, think it’s all about working 24/7, the all nighters and red bull fueled brainstorm sessions. However, the farther I get down my path to becoming an entrepreneur I am learning that it is critical to take a break and refresh yourself mentally and physically. If not, you’ll end up burning out, losing focus and your productivity will plummet. One thing that has helped me a lot is sticking to a strict workout schedule. Its a 1-1.5 hr slot everyday where I can take a break from everything around me.

So my biggest piece of advice is to find something that allows you to remove yourself for a short period of time from whatever you’re passion is. It really helps.


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