Thank You NYC Tech

This past year has been one of the most dynamic and challenging I have had. I remember this time last year I had recently moved to NYC because of the promise it offered with its growing startup community. I was unhappy in my corporate job and wanted so badly to get involved with a startup. It was a tough time, but looking back I am so grateful for the many people who have helped me through it.

Each of you have opened so many doors for me, both personally and professionally. Thank you:

  • Bao Nguyen: Thank you just won’t do it. There aren’t enough words for how grateful I am for everything
  • Nayan Behal: Thanks for being an amazing friend
  • Mazy Dar & Chuck Doerr: Thank you for this opportunity. I am so excited about what we are building at OpenFin
  • Charlie O’Donnell: Thank you for being one of the most approachable VC’s in the community. Thank you for being genuine and doing all you can to help newcomers like myself
  • Adam Besvinick: Thanks for accepting my random Ohours request back in March. So happy we connected. Thank you for your advice and your energy–it motivates me to keep moving forward
  • Alex Topiler: One of the first people I met in the NYC tech community. Thank you for being a good friend, a sounding board, and for all the support
  • Frank Denbow: You are one of the true connectors and drivers in NYC tech and you have opened so many opportunities for me . Thanks for your friendship, advice, introductions, and for getting me involved with Startup Weekend
  • Scott Britton: Thank you for always being candid. I wish I had the constant drive like you to be a life long learner, and congrats again on the new gig!
  • Josh Scherman: Thank you for guiding me into the startup world. Thanks for your friendship, advice, and honesty. Congrats on the new gig and move to Cali–we’re going to miss you here in NYC
  • Deepen Parikh: Thanks for being a good friend and always willing to help with whatever you can. Thanks for your support and hustle
  • Kate Huyett: Thanks for your support, advice and proof that I needed to make this move
  • Reece Pacheco: Thank you for being a mentor and for being so open and approachable. You were extremely helpful in getting me started
  • Joe Yevoli: Thank you for being so real to yourself and others–it’s inspiring. Thank you for putting together initiatives like the NYC Tech Blood Drive
  • Kenny Herman: Thank you for all your advice and for being a mentor and role model for me and many others. Thank you for your support and eagerness to see others succeed
  • Adam Liebman: Thank you for GDWPITWALTDAHF. I have met so many great people through it
  • Loni Edwards: Thank you for your friendship, energy, and kindness. You are everywhere!
  • Alex Taub: Thank you for everything you do for the tech community and for being open to let the new people in. Thank you for the amazing BD events you put together–they are invaluable
  • Nathaniel McNamara: Thank you for moving back to NYC and for your friendship, support, and humor
  • Jason Baptiste: Thanks for showing me that it can be done #miamimafia

There are plenty of people that I have not listed above who have been a tremendous help to me. Even if you are not here I appreciate all you have done. We all work so hard and are always on the go. Take tomorrow to sit back and relax. We don’t get many days like tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving.


5 thoughts on “Thank You NYC Tech

  1. Hi Nick, we just met last evening at the GA event. I googled you to find the Enterprise Meetup so I could find the event to sign up. Instead, your website came up. I just read your above Thanksgiving post. These folks are the ones lucky to know you. See you again soon. Best, Joyce

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