Product 101: Demos are key

I have been thinking a lot about what makes certain products successful, and one of the key items is a good demo and complementary marketing collateral. I believe this applies to both enterprise and consumer tech, and to products that are both pre-launch or post-launch.

It’s easy to just throw up a demo of your product, but great demo’s do a few things very well:

  1. Immerse you in the product right away. You don’t need to have an account or scroll through pages to see what the product is all about. Some great examples of this are gumroad and pinterest.
  2. Really showcase the core technology. This is important for companies that have a very technical offering. Stripe does a good job with this showcasing their payments and management dashboard.
  3. Call to action. This is the hardest part, but entices the user to sign up or download your technology to use post-demo or provide you with feedback. Aviary does a good job at this at the end of their demo.

What are some other great product demos that you have come across?


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