Product 101: Wireframing

If you are in product, a lot of your time is going to be spent wireframing and working with devs and designers to turn the vision into reality. There are a ton of great wireframing tools out there (Balsamiq), many of which I have used but I often find them to be distracting and take away of the true essence that should be part of the process.

I think the best method in terms of productivity and wireframing is to use the following workflow:

  1. Pencil and paper: There is something about sketching out your product ideas first that you dont get with a mouse and screen. It is more tactile and real. You get to think and design with your senses.
  2. Powerpoint/Keynote: Both these tools are almost always overlooked. I find it much easier and faster to use them to quickly put together a wireframe after I have sketched it out. While other tools like Balsamiq are great, you spend more time playing around with the pre-designed widgets they provide than you do actually thinking about every facet of your product.

What are some other tips you find helpful for wireframing and design?


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