Enterprise Tech Sales: The Who

Selling in enterprise is tough. We all know that. It’s a very long and slow process, however, it can be significantly accelerated if you take the right approach. They key is to finding the correct people to sell to. In my experience, it is generally a mix of technology and product executives.

What is key here though, is to understand whether tech is driving product, or product is driving tech. You can say it’s a mix of both, however, each firm is different depending on the economy, budget season, politics, etc so it is really important to understand this dynamic. If technology is driving product, you need to appeal to the technologists in the room:

Tech Demo: Having a great demo of your product that showcases the underlying technology is critical. You need to be able to showcase what your technology can do, and how it does it.

Code Walk-through: Having clean, well documented code that you can walk-through and explain clearly.

Stress Testing & Integration: Being able to provide statistics on the ability for your product to handle scale and heavy loads is very important. Being able to demo this is even better. You also need to make them feel at ease when it comes to integration or hosting the product in their own environments.

If product is driving technology, you need to appeal to the product and strategy executives with:

Product Demo: Same as the above, but aside from the technology the product demo needs to appeal to the product executives’ interests and core product strategy. You’re demo needs to speak to them and clearly show where you can add value to their existing products or day-to-day operations.

Design & User Experience: Design and UX is becoming a very important part of the enterprise. Today’s end users require great design and user experience that is on par with consumer technology. This should be one of your main areas of focus when pitching to product teams.

Metrics & Performance: Like the demo, you need to be able to show the product executives how you can add value and increase their bottom line. If they are going to be investing in your product, it has to have a positive ROI for them. Clearly showing them this path before they even need to think about it is a great approach.



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