Product videos: tips and tricks

ImageI attended a design conference a few months ago where a very respected designer said that product videos are the worst thing in the world and if you needed one to explain how your product works you are in trouble.

I held onto this thought for a few months and almost refused the idea of putting together a product video. However, as the months went on and I began pitching to more and more customers, it became apparent that a video that clearly demonstrated how our product worked would be invaluable.

We put one together for OpenFin that you can see here, and I now completely disagree with this point of view. If you are selling complicated software or run a developer program, the video can be a way for potential users and customers to understand how the software works with very little effort.

Below are some tips to keep on mind when producing a video and how they are helpful to you and your customers:

Short: Keep the video short and to the point. 2 mins is a good amount of time before you lose your audience.

Core features: This goes along with the above point. In order to keep it short you need to only focus on the core features. If there are too many to fit it in a 2 min window then focus on the top 3 features and pain points you are solving.

Music or voice: To increase the dramatic effect and overall impact you should include music or a voice over that explains how the product works.

Effects: Use them sparingly, but certain effects (panning, zooming, tilting, sliding, etc) can be very useful to emphasize or highlight specific features and functionality.

High res: If you can, you should provide the video in a high res format.

Write a script: Before you even start putting together a video, you should sit down with your team and put together a script. It will be very helpful in ironing out what it is you want to showcase as well as for the person who is editing the video.

Sales: The video can be very helpful during your sales process or demos to clients. We recently were at a client and could not get the internet up and running for our demo. However, we were able to show the product video which is very similar to the live demos we run.


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