How to best manage email intro’s

Over the last few months I have been making and receiving intro’s to some really great people. However, I have noticed many are not aware of the informal etiquette around email introductions. This topic has been written about before in detail, but I wanted to share a few important quick hitters to make your email introductions more fluid for all parties involved, and maximize your impact in getting noticed:

Everyone is busy and drowning in email. When making an intro I always ask for permission before I connect both parties. I find this to be effective because you show respect and value for that person’s time and it increases the likelihood of that intro taking place. Once you get a yes, it further increases the likelihood of making that connection a success because both sides are on the lookout for the email to come through. You want to avoid blindsiding someone with an introduction because it then puts them in an awkward position and they almost HAVE to respond. There will be cases when your introduction gets turned down and it’s better to go back and say no to someone than force them to connect. 

One of the most important things to do when responding to an introduction is to drop the person who made the intro to Bcc to avoid flooding their inbox with back and forth emails about scheduling time. So many fail to do this but it is really important and makes everyones lives easier. Their work is done and there is no need to keep them on the email chain.



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