Quick tip to get noticed after cold emails or intros

As a follow up to my last post on how to handle email intros, I wanted to share a quick tip that has been really effective in helping me manage cold emails and intros.

LinkedIn has become an extremely powerful tool for me in a very simple way. It’s a great platform to establish one’s identity and can be used to help increase your chance of getting a response for a cold email or an email intro. How you may ask?

When I send a cold email or receive an intro, I immediately follow up my email with a LinkedIn connection request. I have found this has been helpful and definitely increased the number of responses I get. Doing this helps put a face and background to your name and gives that person further context around why you are reaching out or should be connected.

Give it a shot and see if it helps.


2 thoughts on “Quick tip to get noticed after cold emails or intros

    1. Jesse, I usually just reference the email I sent or the context around why we are connecting: “John, look forward to connecting regarding XYZ.” I usually keep it very short and to the point.

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