The FinTech Hackathon: Building a Community

The FinTech HackathonFinTech Hackathon, an event I help put together with a great group of organizers, took place this past weekend at AlleyNYC. We had over 200 attendees as well as representatives from over 20 firms from across the industry–it was a great success and produced some really innovative products and ideas. It was also great to see the winning team walk away with $10,000 from Novus Partners!

Building a community around an industry is challenging, and doing so for the financial industry is not an easy task. I have watched the fintech community grow and come to its own over the last year, and we organized this event as a way to bring this community together. There is a lot of innovation happening across the industry and our goal with the Hackathon was to further promote innovation and expose the community to the technologies and platforms that are part of the growing fintech ecosystem.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing turnout we had. There were over 200 developers and designers who built 35 working MVP’s in just under 24 hours. We also had an amazing group of 16 technology partners who provided their API’s and platforms for attendees to build on top of. The demo day was a huge hit with over 100 additional people who came out to watch the teams demo their hacks.

FinTech Hackathon

The talent at the event was incredible. We had developers and designers from some of the major financial institutions, hedge funds and trading firms as well as aspiring entrepreneurs who were all trying to solve real problems. There were products built to enhance risk management, analytics, trading, payments, visualization and big data. It was inspiring to see what was built in just 24 hours and the energy and dedication throughout the Hackathon was amazing.

FinTech Hackathon

I really can’t wait for the next event and wanted to quickly recognize our winners:

First Place and $10,000 winner: Real ID – An innovative way for banks to identify the real identity of customers

Second Place: TidBits – Bitcoin futures exchange, price hedging and merchant tools

Third Place: Zap – Mobile payments without a physical card reader using computer vision for face and card detection

FinTech Hackathon

Our Technology Partners also selected teams for the best use of their technologies and handed out some awesome prizes:

10gen: Mosuq

Caplin: FinGraph

CardFlight: Mobile Sales Platform

Dwolla: Little Victories

Estimize: Social Earnings


OpenGamma: Arcadius Reconciliation

OpenShift: Social Point

StockTwits: FinTrack

Zipmark: Tidbits

I also want to thank our sponsors, technology partners and judges because without them we could not have put the event together:

Sponsors: Novus Partners, OpenShift, Blackstone, Betterment, Moven, WilmerHale and the FinTech Innovation Lab.

Technology Partners: 10gen, Bloomberg, Caplin, Dwolla, Estimize, OANDA, OpenGamma, OpenFin, StockTwits, Tradable, Xignite, Zipmark, Disqus, Kaazing, Cardflight, SlashDB and the Treasury Department.

Judges: Sallie Krawcheck, Matt Harris, Matt Turck, Erica Frontiero, Kim Trautman, Bijan Treister, Celina Morjeon.

FinTech Hackathon

We cannot wait for the next event so make sure to sign up at to stay updated!


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