Useful tool for product managers: Chrome dev tools

As a follow-up to my post on Dribble I wanted to share a quick and easy tool that product managers should be using on a daily basis. Part of a product manager’s role is to constantly be tweaking and improving existing products. If you have a product that runs in a browser (website or app) a tool you should use to make UI, layout and fast tweaks is the Chrome Developer Tools.

If you know the basics of CSS it can be s a really powerful tool for a few reasons:

Speed: If the basic layout and product design are in place already, it’s a much faster way to tweak colors, gradients and layout.

Real-time: The changes you make are reflected in real-time. There’s no need to develop a wireframe, have developers agree to the spec and then have your designer turn it around.

Code changes:  Once the changes are made and approved you can then share the CSS code directly with your development team which makes the entire process much faster.

This is not ideal in every product scenario, but can be a really useful method to iterate quickly on an existing product. You can read more here on Google’s Developer Site.


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